Around Ya-Nui
Ya-Nui Beach
The untouched look and the combination of islands, cliffs and white sand makes it maybe the most beautiful beach on Phuket
Ya-Nui Beach
On some evenings all colours are coming together in a truly amazing way
Ya-Nui Beach
The clear sea settles for the starry tropical night
Sunrise over Yanui Bay
Are you an early bird? Then a morning walk on the beach is the greatest start on a new day
The fauna around Yanui is a wonder in itself.
They also have a good time here, we assume.
Buddhism is the center of Thai belief. Probably the most peaceful religion of all.
Phi-Phi Island
While the accommodation on Phi-Phi does not compete with Phuket, the island itself is worth a visit
Phi-Phi Island Beach
OK, it is an excellent photographer, but reality looks almost as good!
Andaman Seaview
Stunning view from the hills around Yanui.
Yanui Beach 2
One day there may be a fine neon sign here, and a couple of large hotels with one of the best views in Phuket. Until then, enjoy the unspoilt beauty.
Nai Harn Beach
View over Nai Harn Beach in the high season. As can be seen it is the place to go in the high season if you want company. If you are more to the private site, Yanui Beach is smaller and quiet.
Waves meeting the Reef
No other beach on Phuket has this combination of fine white sand and reefs, creating a composed experience of the sea.
From an Island near Phuket

The Andaman Watcher
From the numerous, easily accessible heights, there are great views over the Andaman sea
Ya-Nui Sunset
People travel from all over Phuket to enjoy the unique sunsets here. There's hardly a more beautiful and more inspiring moment
Sunset 2
Unforgettable sunset memories - that's Southern Phuket.
Yanui Resort in the evening
Also in the tropical evening, Yanui Resort is a nice place. All apartments have balconies from where you can enjoy this quiet and relaxed part of the day.
Starry Night
Later at night, far away from disturbing city lights, Ya-Nui provides fantastic starry nights. You can clearly see the 'clouds' of the Milky Way.
American Breakfast
Our popular and inexpensive American Breakfast
Hot-stone Steak
Hot Stone steak, just as you like it. At the table you will usually cut the tender beef into slices, which you then fry on the stone. Eat it with your selection of our tasty sauces.
Our Restaurant
Great variety of Thai and western dishes. Probably the most popular in the area.
Resort with Pool
The pool is the natural center of the resort. Latest water treatment technology with salt-water system and ionizer ensures clean, clear and healthy water.
Ya-Nui Resort Entrance
This is our 'official' entrance
In the reception Mon and Ann welcomes the visitors with Thai style 'wai'.
A bedroom in the 'Traveller'-apartment
All our bedrooms are nicely lit and decorated, all styles different!
The 'Explorer' Room
Clean and stylish - the 'Explorer' room
Gabriel and Mon, the host couple of Ya-nui Resort, on Ya-Nui beach.

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